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Michael Groenheyde

MIchael’s boat detailing has been operating since 1987.  With over 25yrs in detailing our experience has covered a wide range of jobs.

From pre delivery of new boats to warranty work.  When it comes to water leaks, Mick is rarely ever stumped.

Today Michael’s Boat detailing is honoured to still have a lot of their original clients.  Michael’s first client was Riviera and we are proud to say that they are still a client.

From the inception of Maritimo they too have been a client and still are.

With a passion for all things boats it makes this not just a job.  There is nothing more rewarding than bringing a boat back to the way it should be.

We have been detailing at Sydney International Boat Show since we began, firstly for Riviera and now for Maritimo.

We do not just specialise in cruisers but also have quite a few yachts on our books.

Weekends will always find Michael out on the water whether that be either sailing or cruising.